Video conference with Ian Landy

EdTech, formative assessment, Video conferencing

This afternoon our class met with Ian Landy, principal of Edgehill Elementary in Powell River via video conference. The purpose of this meeting was to experience video conferencing and to discuss the topic of formative assessment and E-portfolio’s. Essentially we focused on how to move away from weekly tests and to create a more personalized learning journey for students. The key components of an E portfolio is that they introduce different ways to explore the competencies in a relevant and meaningful way for students. Moreover, the E portfolios are designed so that not every students is assessed on the same project. This means that the best project or the one the student is most proud of, will be put into the portfolio for that subject. With this said for each topic students must have a minimum of one project/sample to show for their learning in each topic. The concept of E portfolios really fascinates me and has also left me with a handful of questions. I would love to further explore this topic in the future.


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