Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

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For our first school visit we went to The Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry in Victoria B.C. PSII is different from regular high schools for many reasons. Some of these reasons include that their personal learning paths are co-created by the learners and the teachers. These paths will indicate integration of lessons, the students needs and goals as well as what is the best way to conquer these goals. Students are also encouraged to develop their own projects based on their inquiries. During this visit I was fortunate enough to engage in a long meaningful conversation with one of the grade 12 students at PSII. Throughout this conversation we covered many topics such as learning styles, motivation, diversity and the students thoughts and opinions on their learning and how the school has catered to their needs as a learner. However, it would take far to long to expand on all these topic, there are a few comments that really stuck with me. The learner transitioned from a Montessori school into PSII, he found the transition to be smooth and that he enjoys both of these schools, however he wishes there were some form of team sports. Because these schools are tuition based, there are fewer students which hinders the school to have a sports related program. Another comment the student made towards PSII is that because the learning is independent for the most part, they spend a great extent of their time using screens (laptops) and wishes that there was a substitute to this form of learning.


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