George Jay Elementary

classroom observation, ED Tech, EdTech, open pedagogy, PLN, Professional Learning

Today we were fortunate enough to meet Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt who is a kindergarten teacher at George Jay Elementary school. There were many amazing ideas and tips that I took away from her presentation, however the one that stuck with me the most was the simply ask questions. Rebecca explained that of course it is difficult to shift straight into an inquiry based learning system and that as a new teacher going on their practicum there is much more to worry about. She stated that the first step to inquiry based learning is to ask questions, questions are what drives learners, whether they come from us as teachers or the students. She also indicated that great ideas start with questions. questions are what guide our learning, you must ask questions to receive answers. I believe beginning each lesson with an open ended question will be an impactful start to developing inquiry into the classroom. Rather than simply telling the class that you are learning about dogs, ask them what they already know about dogs. This will create discussion and get the minds flowing with ideas.


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