Presentation from Jesse Miller

ED Tech, EdTech, privacy, safety

This week we were fortunate enough to have Jesse Miller come into our classroom and speak to us about privacy and safety on social media platforms. Jesse miller has a background of working closely with the RCMP in regard to the internet and social media to aid investigations or threats and also has played an important role such as the one on the Amanda Todd case. I was very excited and nervous for this presentation. Social media plays such a big role in todays society and I think that it is something that we ignore and never research or look into the platform that we are using. Growing up in a family where technology was never I vital part of our lives, I was never educated much on these concepts or how to use the internet safely. As a future educator, knowing this is extremely important in order to keep yourself and your students safe and aware of how social media works.

Miller discussed so many topics ranging from the importance of technology when used safely to how posts on social media could impact your professional life or the professional life of others. Every topic Jesse covered was extremely eye opening and a little scary. I think it is necessary that as individuals we should not be ignorant to what we post or even put out there for the world to see.


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