Additional photos that include all editing tools I have explored

Open inquiry

Hannah and Carter : I have used saturation to enhance the colors of the ocean and I also used exposure to take away some of the brightness the sun was creating.

Quinn: For these photos the exposure was quite intense as the sun was shinning through the fog at the time. To make the natural colors of the photo pop, I first decreased the exposure then increased the saturation in order for the blues to pop and for the colors in the sky to be visible. Lastly I used a blue shadow tint to once again bring out the gloom of the photo and to enhance all the blue in the photo.

Carter:  For both of these photos there was a lot of intense colors both in his attire and in the background. I did not want to have these colors too overwhelming. So once again I limited the exposure of the pictures so that they weren’t so bright. Following this I used orange shadow tint to decrease the colors on carter and to enhance the background colors. I also lightly adjusted the saturation. In the first photo I increased it so carter would pop and in the second photo it was decreased so all the colors would be subtle.

Carter: Here I used every editing tools. contrast: to darken the environment around the busy wall and carter. Saturation: to enhance the graffiti on the wall. Exposure: to add some brightness within the photo. Lastly shadow tint in red was used to contrast the already existing photos.

Emma: In all three photos, exposure was increased, saturation and contrast were either not touched or slightly lowered and the orange shadow tint was used to compliment Emmas natural colors. I chose this because I wanted to make the pictures look more raw and vintage.


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