Contrast and saturation

Open inquiry

For these photos I used contrast and saturation editing in completely different ways.

Saturation is used to described the intensity of color in an image. A saturated image is one that is rich in overly bright colors or colors that are intensified.

On the other hand, the contrast of an image refers to the difference of light pixels and dark pixels within the images. An image that contains low contrast will have a narrow range of colors. When an image is high in contrast the image will have bright highlights and dark shadows. In simple terms when the contrast of an image is adjusted the image may either contain a more vivid look or a more subtle feel.

The photo of Jana I chose to minimize the amount of both contrast and saturation. I did this because it was a bright sunny day and I wanted to compliment the brightness of the day and also I felt as if when both were minimized the look of the photo became to look more vintage, which I adore.

For the photo of Derek I chose to enhance both contrast and saturation to bring the attention to the background of the photo. Enhancing both these elements made the figure of Derek more opaque and allowed the smoke in the background to merge into the photo.


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