Is it worth spending the money on photo editing software or apps

Open inquiry

I wanted to address this topic in my blog because I think that it is easily to be persuaded when being a beginner in anything. Through my journey with the type of photography that i find to be visually pleasing and that i love, I did not find it necessary to do excess editing. For myself, the point of capturing moments is to see it through a different lens, to capture special moments or to create visual memories. I love editing my photos because it allows you to create the image that you saw in your head while taking the picture. My form of editing is not to alter the picture completely but it is to enhance qualities of the photo to create something new and unique.

On the other hand, having access to other editing tools would be really cool. It would provide you with a lot of options and even knew ways to see your photos that you haven’t yet discovered.

I think that after you have exhausted all the free editing platforms and you discover that they aren’t for you or that you want something more out of your editing than I believe its possible to benefit from platforms such as adobe light room or adobe photo shop etc.


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