March 4th music reflection

EDCI 306A, Uncategorized

For my practicum, my partner Sam and I got placed at George Jay Elementary in a grade 3/4 classroom. We have not yet been assigned to what we are teaching yet, however I hope to incorporate music in at least on of our lessons.

My experience with lesson planning: This year is the first year where we have begun to focus on education. First semester we had the opportunity to create multiple Physical Education lesson and unit plans. Unfortunately other than this we had created only one lesson plan for Literacy, Art, Drama and Mathematics. This seemester we have only created one Physcial Education lesson and thats all. Of course with all my experience in PE lesson planning, I feel comfortable with it, however i recognize that PE lesson plans are much different then other subjects. With the little knowledge I have I do understand the basics of having an objective, introduction, development, closure and assessment. I would love to learn more key words and strategies that go into lesson planning.


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